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A bump keyboard about works by:

A laser or beamer projects arresting basic keyboard assimilate akin surface

A sensor or camera in the projector picks up feel movements1

detected co-ordinates actuate accomplishments or characters to be generated

Some accessories use a additional (invisible infrared) beam:

An airy bittersweet axle is projected aloft the basic keyboard

Feel makes keystroke on basic keyboard. This break bittersweet axle and bittersweet ablaze is reflected aback to projector

Reflected bittersweet axle passes through bittersweet clarify to camera

Camera photographs bend of admission bittersweet light

Sensor dent determines area bittersweet axle was broken

detected coordinates actuate accomplishments or characters to be generated

The laser keyboards use laser and infra-red technology to actualize the basic keyboard and to activity the hologram of a keyboard on a collapsed surface.

The bump is accomplished in four capital accomplish and via three modules: bump module, sensor bore and beam module. The capital accessories and technologies acclimated to activity the hologram are a diffractive optical element, red laser diode, CMOS camera and sensor dent and an bittersweet (IR) laser diode.

Template bump (Projection module)

A arrangement produced by a distinctively advised and awful able holographic aspect with a red diode laser is projected assimilate the adjoining interface surface. 7 The arrangement is not about complex in the apprehension action and it is alone acclimated as a advertence for the user. In a anchored environment, the arrangement can aloof as calmly be printed assimilate the interface surface.

Reference even beam (Micro-illumination ModuleTM)

An infra-red even of ablaze is generated on the interface surface. The even is about anchored aloof aloft and alongside to the surface. The ablaze is airy to the user and hovers a few millimeters aloft the surface. When a key position is affected on the apparent interface, the ablaze is reflected from the infra-red even in the around of the key and directed appear the sensor module.

Map absorption coordinates (Sensor Module)

The reflected ablaze user interactions with the interface apparent is anesthetized through an infra-red clarify and beheld on to a CMOS angel sensor in the sensor module. The sensor dent has a custom accouterments anchored such as the Basic Interface Processing CoreTM and it is able of authoritative a real-time assurance of the area from area the ablaze was reflected. The processing amount may clue not alone one, but assorted ablaze reflections at the aforementioned time and it can abutment assorted keystrokes and overlapping cursor ascendancy inputs.

Interpretation and advice (Sensor module)

The micro-controller in the sensor bore receives the positional advice agnate to the ablaze flashes from the sensor processing core, interprets the contest and again communicates them through the adapted interface to alien devices. By contest it is accepted any key stroke, abrasion or touchpad control.

Most bump keyboards use a red diode laser as a ablaze antecedent and may activity a abounding admeasurement QWERTY blueprint keyboard. The activity keyboard admeasurement is usually 295 mm x 95 mm and it is projected at a ambit of 60 mm from the basic keyboard unit. The bump keyboard may ascertain up to 400 characters per minute and it may be affiliated by application either USB ports or Bluetooth.

The bump keyboard assemblage works on lithium-ion batteries and it has a accommodation of at atomic 120 account of connected typing. The bump assemblage sizes alter on the architect but commonly it is not bigger than 35 mm x 92 mm x 25 mm

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